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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to joine our growing team. Please see our open positions below.


As a Veterinarian and Partner at Mosaic Animal Health Center at St. Hubert’s, you’ll work in an environment cultivated to enhance the health and happiness of veterinary professionals. You will lead a modern practice methodology supported by experienced and engaged staff and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best possible care for pets and the people who love them. Join Mosaic Animal Health Center at St. Hubert’s as a Veterinarian and Partner and experience the many rewards of ownership.

Client Experience Representative

The role of the Client Experience Representative (CER) at Mosaic Animal Health Center at St. Hubert’s is central to the practice’s day-to-day operations. Serving as the steward of patient access to Mosaic Animal Health Center at St. Hubert’s veterinary care team, the CER is expected to operate with exceptional levels of service, patience, respect, and compassion when working with pet parents and their families. Additionally, the Client Experience Representative is tasked with supporting their veterinary team members in the areas of organization, communication, scheduling, and office cleanliness.

Veterinary Technician

The Veterinary Technician role is a key part of the veterinary experience at Mosaic Animal Health Center. Veterinary Technicians are challenged to provide the highest possible standard of care for pet patients and pet parents within an engaging and supportive hospital work environment. Beyond completing nursing, medical, diagnostic, and lab procedures, Veterinary Technicians are encouraged to put their love for animals into action via several patient initiatives that positively impact animal health.

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